SB 18 and SCR 41: Trojan Horse for Government Expansion and Tax Reform

SB 18 and SCR 41: Trojan Horse for Government Expansion and Tax Reform

          For decades, the US has avoided ratifying the UN “Rights of the Child” treaty, in part due to legitimate concerns of losing both national sovereignty and parental rights. But, with top down efforts failing, the children’s rights movement seems to have strategically shifted to a bottom up approach. Several counties in California have successfully adopted their own Bill of Rights for Children and Youth, and now a seemingly harmless two-part bill titled the Bill of Rights for the Children and Youth of California has been introduced in the state of California. Is this bill a harmless attempt to protect children?

          The intent of the bill, Senate Bill 18, is to establish a joint committee of senators and assembly members that would develop “a framework for the care and welfare of children and youth in…health care, nutrition, homeless assistance, education, and foster care.” In consultation with medical, educational, and child development organizations, and with state agencies, the joint committee would get to decide what is best for every child in California from womb to age twenty-one.

          At a recent town hall, Senator Joel Anderson agreed that children should have good nutrition, exercise, education and housing, but he warned that “the bill acknowledges the state gets to tell you what that is…it wedges that sacred relationship between a parent and their child. It completely attacks parental rights.”

          Protecting children is something everyone wants to do. But, when the process of protecting children means creating massive bureaucratic authority over children and families, serious concerns must be raised.

          The second part of the bill is a resolution, Senate Concurrent Resolution 41. The resolution vaguely aspires to grant “all children and youth under 21 years of age…the inalienable right to live in a just, safe, and supportive society.” The resolution specifically lists all the ways in which the legislators hope to ensure that each child in the state is parented in the way the committee decides is best. The devil is in the details and the specific details of the bill’s framework, described in the resolution portion of the bill, list multiple rights that are intrusive and troubling. Parents would lose autonomy as the state would demand and define which living conditions are healthy and acceptable.

          One particular right listed in the resolution stands out, as it exposes the self-interest of the bill’s sponsor, Jim Steyer, and his organization, Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media has received billions of dollars in internet licensing fees and from broadband services provided to schools and libraries. The fact that the bill includes the right for children to have “access to broadband in the classroom setting as well as at home” poses a serious conflict of interest. Which begs the question: is profit an ulterior motive for the bill? Should people in other states be watching and concerned?

          The Bill of Rights for the Children and Youth effort won’t stop with California. Steyer recently admitted at a Town Hall that SB 18 would be “the model for the country.” Sovereignty and parental rights would take a backseat to the pseudo-altruistic plans of Steyer and his elite friends.

          Beyond the disturbing government overreach and possible financial motives, the bill aims to completely overhaul the California tax structure and increase tax revenues. The joint committee would additionally have the task of proposing “comprehensive tax reform solutions” to correct an “outdated, unfair, and unreliable” tax structure.

          Hidden behind the bill, Senate Bill 18 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 41, is an effort by the supermajority party of California to expand the power of state agencies while usurping parental authority and overhauling the California tax structure. The sponsor stands to personally benefit from the bill while the Democratic party grows the California government larger and more powerful. California must stop this “Trojan Horse” in order to protect not only the children and families within the state, but also across the nation.


Additional Information: If you want to help STOP the passage of SB18 and SCR41, please take three actions today:

1. Call the Senate Rules committee members and ask that they refer SCR 41 to Education, Human Services, Health and the Judiciary Committees:

Senate Rules Committee Members:

Senator Kevin de León (Chair) (916) 651-4024

Senator Anthony Cannella (Vice Chair) (916) 651-4012

Senator Toni Atkins (916) 651-4039

Senator Tom Berryhill (916) 651-4008

Senator Connie M. Leyva (916) 651-4020

2. Call your California legislators in the State Senate and Assembly and ask them to vote no on SB 18 and SCR 41. Find their contact info here: http://findyourrep.

3. Go to these two websites and get on their e-lists for ongoing updates and action alerts:

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